The Core of The Power - Forwell Quick Die Change


High Quality is our persistence. Good Service is our commitment. Creativity is our passion.

Forwell believes in three main principles with which it conducts its business. High Quality products, excellent service and innovation. With this in mind Forwell works closely with customers to deliver top quality custom automation solutions, whether it be for a single press or for a whole factory floor Forwell is committed to delivering you the best. Below you can read more about Forwell’s mission, their global presence and the importance they place on guaranteeing high quality products.
Company Philosophy - Mission & Vision   Company Philosophy - Global Presence   Company Philosophy - Quality Assurance

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to continually develop and improve new and existing automation systems to exceed our customers’ needs. Forwell further aims to deliver the highest quality products, coupled with impeccable service to a global customer base, and build long-term relationships with its clients.

Global Presence

Forwell understands that small batch runs and just-in-time manufacturing is gaining importance among global manufacturers, so fast and efficient die/mold changing operations are vital for an efficient and productive workshop. With a strong emphasis on improving product quality through research and development, Forwell’s in-house knowledge and working environment is second to none which can explain why they are a global leader of quick die change systems and mold cart systems. Above all Forwell is committed to offering its global customers innovative automation solutions, to boost productivity and reduce excessive labor costs.

Quality Assurance

With a well structured organization and stringent quality control measures, each and every production procedure is fully scrutinized and any inconsistencies are immediately addressed. With very strict quality control procedures, from material inspection to assembly and a strong focus on excellent after-sales service, Forwell shows total commitment to delivering the highest quality products and services. Furthermore, Forwell focuses on producing cutting edge production automation solutions, custom built to accommodate the most demanding press, injection molding and die casting operations.



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