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Die / Mold Cart System

Die Cart, Shuttle Mold-Carts, Mold Carts
Large work table size (with fixed hold)
Automatic mold opening adjustment (just input die thickness parameter and machine will automatically adjust)
Machine safety door size adjuster
Die locating slot/mold platen chamfer
Fixed platen for mold pulling

System Selection

In order to select the most appropriate mold or die cart system for your needs please view the product codes below. There is also a table showing the range of different sizes of mold cart systems available for injection molding machines.
Die Cart, Shuttle Mold-Carts, Mold Carts - System Selection
Injection molding machines No. of clamping system Rollers Position hole size
Weight Clamping force M(mm) N(mm)
~450t 80t TFH-10x8 60 50 30
~550t 128t TFH-16x8 80 50 30
~850t 128t TFH-16x8 80 50 30
~1300t 200t TFH-25x8 100 60 38
~2000t 320t TFH-40x8 120 80 40
~2500t 320t TFH-40x8 160 80 40
~3000t 320t TFH-40x8 180 80 40



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