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2015 Company News

2015-12-15 Lions Clubs 300-C3 Division and Changhua Children and Families (彰化家扶) Held Charity Fair
2015-09-22 Lions Clubs 300-C3 Division Art Exhibition: Truthfulness, Compassion, Perseverance
2015-09-03 Forwell Expands Market Share with New Products
2015-08-26 Forwell Aims to Develop Fully-Automated QDCS/QMCS
2015-07-21 President Hsiao Served as Director of Lions Clubs (Area 300-C3)
2015-07-17 Forwell QDCS/QMCS Delivers Smart Manufacture
2015-06-29 Forwell QDCS/QMCS Delivers High Efficiency
2015-06-23 President Hsiao Takes up the Post of Chairman of Metal Forming Committee
2015-05-20 Forwell Looking Forward to Become the Leading Brand in QDCS/QMCS
2015-05-20 Forwell Aims the Chinese Market for the Next Decade
2015-04-17 Mainland Distrbution - Forwell's New Huai'an Factory Has Completed Construction
2015-04-17 Forwell's Mold Management system is the Ultimate Key to Automation Intelligence
2015-04-10 The Welcoming Of Industry 4.0 Focusing on Automation Intelligence
2015-04-10 Forwell Quick Mold/Die Change System Connecting to Industry 4.0
2015-04-08 Forwell Machinery The One And Only Mold Management System
2015-04-08 Forwell Quick Die Change Systems Ultimate Tool for Production Lines
2015-03-03 Forwell Mold Management Welcomes Industry 4.0
2015-03-03 Forwell’s Quick Die Change System Rules Cross-strait
2015-01-19 Forwell Leads the Way in Smart Production



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