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Forwell QDCS for Pressing Machine Saves 90% Processing Time


Forwell has profound experience in automation for over 30 years and has made many No.1 records in corporate index, such as the first one to be certified by ISO 9002, ISO 9001, and CE. The name Forwell, is also named by the coeporate itself as its private brand.

In order to cope with the growing business development, Forwell is now working on becoming a business group, expanding to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and China with the partner agents and dealers. Under the business group, there are Taiwan Forwell, Fu Wei, Ningbo Forwell, Shenzhen Forwell, and Shanghai Forwell. With these branches’ cultivation, there are more than a thousand customers all over the world, realizing the No.1 brand in the sector.

Forwell develops automatic QDCS. QMCS cart so as to help customers change their mold/ die faster. The latest QMCS/ QDCS carts are with different types. One type is the “One for all” and the other is the “Semi-automatic” type. The former can achieve automatic transmission of loading and unloading and the later can process semi-automatic loading and unloading actions. These types of carts are able to deal with large molds/ dies ranging from 3 to 15 tons, processing loading, unloading, positioning, and clamping in automatic manner. The price of the QMCS and QDCS cart is only one third of the price compared to Japanese counterparts. The Forwell cart system can save you money as well as processing time. It is estimated that it can save up to 90% of the processing time.

President Hsiao of Forwell said, the company is with profound experience for about 30 years, and offers educational course for manufacturers who pursue the system, together with facility estimation, construction, trial operation services.

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