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Forwell Initiates First Automatic Die & Mold Warehouse System


In order to keep up with the smart production trend in the world, the leading automatic QDCS and QMCS brand in the Taiwan and China markets integrates intelligent machinery into its QMCS and QDCS products, developing smart machine inventory as Forwell’s featured products. Among the many product inventories, the “Mold/ Die Management System” is mature enough and had been demonstrated at the Taipeiplas 2016 trade show event. At the booth, Forwell showcased the pioneering products that can load and unload the mold and die in a fully automatic way.

President Hsiao of Forwell pointed out that the “Automatic Mold/ Die Warehouse System” is the first invention in the nation, which can proceed trivial duties such as mold and die carriage, storage, management, which always cause safety issues in conventional mold/ die consuming factories. The innovative factory mold and die management system offers better safety, better precision, and faster mold and die recognition and storage mechanisms which can categorize items and proceed automatically within about 6 minutes.

President Hsiao further stated that Forwell will develop “Mold/ Die Maintenance System” to help proceed maintenance procedure for better lifespan of molds and dies, so manufacturers can work from point to line to surface eventually, integrating the mold/ die production with smart ideas, achieving Industry 4.0.

Hsiao said that Industry 4.0 is “Machinery + Information”, which means to report the machine’s production date, utilized parameters, and maintenance data to the control center, achieving the goal of smart automation. The “Smart QMCS/ QDCS Factory Facility” has included many inspection systems and data report systems; these ports provide data to control centers and in the future, with the IoT further integrated to achieve Industry 4.0, the company with its efforts respond to the government’s pursue of smart machinery.

Hsiao claimed that Forwell will put more endeavors on R&D to widen product inventory and make the product service profound. Forwell personnel will work with peers in Japan and Germany to have its strength more potent, hence provide more comprehensive services to consumers in Taiwan and China. Hsiao will rise the threshold of its business and expand the corporate model to prepare IPO in the Chinese stock markets. It is anticipated that, after Forwell been listed, the company will be able to further expand and realize its projects in the future.

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