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For many manufacturers, such as automobile and aircraft manufacturers, press machines form a vital part of the production cycle. This means that there is an increased reliance on the efficiency and productivity of press machines whilst maintaining high levels of consistency and precision. One aspect that is often overlooked is the arduous process of operating a press machine, which includes long hours of constant supervision, painstaking maintenance, and also very annoying die changes.

Forwell’s wide selection of customizable quick die change systems and accessories is the perfect partner for any press machine as it not only speeds up die change time but also greatly simplifies operations for the operator. This is because automatic die clamps and easy to use die lifters facilitate the easy exchange of press machine dies. As Forwell’s products use standardized dies, die changing is fast and easy, thereby increasing operator safety and improving the work environment. For the work floor looking to boost their productivity even more, Forwell’s die change systems can be coupled with a die cart system to fully automate the die changing process of multiple press machines.

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