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PCB Fine Piercing System

PCB Fine Piercing System with Pump Units - Pump Units

Pump Unit

Very secure and stable clamping
Pressure can easily be adjusted using an air pressure adjusting valve. Should air pressure become dangerously high, the air pressure will automatically shut off
Prolonged hydraulic air pressure allows for energy efficient and convenient automated operations
Hydraulic air pump ensures die clamping even during power cuts or when system pressure drops

Pump Unit Introduction

The hydraulic pump ensures tight and stable die clamping and allows the system to maintain clamping pressure on the mold even when there is a power failure or air pressure drops. The PCB Fine Piercing System uses air-driven hydraulic pumps resulting in very high clamping pressures, high energy efficiency and convenient automated operations. Forwell’s hydraulic pump units also feature an easy to adjust air pressure valve to effectively control the systems air pressure.

Hydraulic pump output readings

PCB Fine Piercing System with Pump Units - pump unit output readings

Pump Unit Diagram

PCB Fine Piercing System with Pump Units - Pump Unit Diagram



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