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PCB Fine Piercing System

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Forwell’s PCB Fine Piercing System is available in a range of different models to suit your PCB Piercing and Stripping operations. Please view the table below to select a suitable model depending on the required press tonnage and stripping force.
Press Tonnage Model Stripping Farce Hold-down Farce
60 ~ 80TON FP-2 35.0tf Max. 16.0tf Max.
80 ~ 110TON FP-3 43.0tf Max. 21.0tf Max.
110 ~ 150TON FP-5 45.0tf Max. 24.0tf Max.
150 ~ 200TON FP-7 63.0tf Max. 36.0tf Max.
200 ~ 350TON FP-8 100.0tf Max. 50.0tf Max.



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