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Are you experiencing problems with your Quick Die Change System. Below you will find solutions to the most common problems. You can read the answer or click on the video for a detailed explanation.

No display on the control panel?

First ensure that the power switch is in the ON position. If the display still does not show up, check for loose signal cables. Also check for loose electrical plugs and if the fuse has blown. If the fuse indicator light is on, this means the fuse requires replacing.

Control panel display looks normal but system will not operate?

Ensure that the air pressure is turned on and is within the systems operating range. Next check that the key switch is turned to the ON position before operating the clamps. Lastly when turning the key switch to the OFF position, check that the switch is working.

Pump is running continuously and cannot be stopped?

First check for signs of fluid leakage. If there is no leakage check the oil level indicator to see if the fluid level is within the suggested limits. If the level is normal, try turning the release valve to release air pressure and then closing the valve.

Clamp does not hold die securely?

First check that the air pressure is sufficient for the pumps operating range. Then ensure that the thickness of the die base is within the specifications for the clamp (The die base may be too thin for the clamp).

Die lifter does not lift the die?

Turn off lower die clamp so the die lifter can return to normal operation.

Air pressure or hydraulic pressure too low?

Check to see if the air compressor is turned on and the air lines are free and clear, if there are no problems with the air supply, inspect the air pressure regulator and adjust the pressure if needed. Also check to see if the PU hose is ruptured or damaged.

Slow pumping action?

Inspect the hydraulic pump, and if you hear that the pump is pumping slowly it is required to lubricate inside the pump with oil or grease. This should help the pump to resume running at normal speed.



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