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Quick Mold Change System

Quick Mold Change System - Injection Mold, Quick Mould Change Clamps
Decreased mold change time
Fully customizable to fit a wide range of machines
Safer operations
Reduced labor costs
Easy changeover for small batch runs
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System Introduction

Forwell has been a pioneer of Quick Mold Change Systems for many years. With over 20 years of experience in developing these systems they can offer you the best for your molding operations. These fully customizable Quick Mold Change Systems drastically minimize setup times, maximize efficiency and increase safety.

Forwell’s Quick Mold Change System can be designed to fit almost any injection molding machine and mold casting machine to allow for quicker mold change times, resulting in shorter machine down time and increased productivity. This system uses a special mold clamp that does not require a cut out on the mold, increasing its application versatility and allowing it to be used with a large number of different molds.

Quick Mold Change Systems can rapidly transform your workshop, allowing for easy changeover for small batches, reduced labor costs and reduced stock holding. Coupling this system with a Mold Cart System will allow for fully automatic mold changing, further increasing the efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing operations.


When installing a Quick Mold Change System for your injection molding and mold casting operations there are a number of direct and indirect benefits. Review the following table to see an overview of all of these benefits.
Direct Benefits Indirect Benefits
Reduction in Die Change Time Die Standardization
Efficient Small Batch Runs Press Standardization
Reduced Stock Handling Increased Safety
Higher Productivity and Quality Improved Working Environment
Reduction in Labor Costs Increased Competitiveness


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