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Innovative, Automatic, and Smart Management System

For a long period of time, Forwell has been dedicating to the innovation and development of the mold and die changing system, offering wonderful QMCS and QDCS products for industrial users in both metalworking and plastics sectors all over the world. Now Forwell has invented a smart management system that integrates the automatic cart system, automatic mold & dies warehousing system, and the maintenance system.

Efficiency & Versatility

This integrated system is able to conduct changing, transferring, stocking, warehousing, and repairing of molds and dies, which promises great value and versatility for factories who adopt this service. This total solution works as a service that deals with all the related duties at once, saving manpower as well as time for business owners in all kinds of industrial sectors.

Quick Die Change System
Quick Mold Change System
Die / Mold Cart System
PCB Fine Piercing System
Automatic Clamp System
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For Industry 4.0

Smart Technology & Big Data

Furthermore, this innovative system is designed with smart technology that is able to collect precious industrial data regarding the utilization status of molds and dies, rendering critical information for users about their production lines and their facilities. With this big data technology, Industry 4.0 is a realistic goal for factory owners.

Safer operations
High Precision
Reducing labor costs
Increased efficiency