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President Hsiao Takes up the Post of Chairman of Metal Forming Committee

Commercial Times Chen Ren-yi
The first round of the 27th meeting of The Metal Forming Committee of Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) was held currently. At the meeting, besides the routine report, people from Tailift Company shared their experience of the importation of TPS under the topic “Key to Success”. Tailift members also recommended President Hsiao of Forwell to be the chairman of the committee, after the Chairman, Lin Xi Wen’s term of office. Lin is the president of Tailift, and Hsiao inherited Lin’s position as the chairman and leads the Metal Forming Committee of TAMI.

President Hsiao also invited another six corporate leaders to be the Vice Chairman: President Xu Xin Zhou of Jengjih Company, President Tu Mei Hua of Chin Fong Company, GM Guo Ting Jun of SEYI, President Press Tung of Ing Yu, GM Huang Chao Yuan of Dees Company, and President Huang Qing Sen of Jiun How. During the interview, the incumbent Chairman, Mr. Hsiao, said that he will listen to the voices in the pressing sector and deliver those opinions to TAMI.

Furthermore, Chairman Hsiao also pointed out that though machine tool products are important export goods of Taiwan, the current export is not ideal. Taiwanese machine tool manufacturers encounter serious competitions from Japanese, Korean, and Chinese competitors in many phases, such as machine quality and currency policy. It is claimed by Hsiao that, in order to achieve a better machinery industrial development, governmental intervention is crucial now.