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Forwell Aims the Chinese Market for the Next Decade

Commercial Times Chen Ren-yi
As the automotive industry in Mainland China is growing, the demands for the corresponding components surge as well. Those components, such as objects made from injection molds and pressing dies, rely on the utilization of automatic system integrated in the manufacture. Manufacturers of these industrial objects in the Mainland market have to cope with the trend of small volume but large variety production; hence the concept of smart and automatic production is taking the leading role in the industry.

The bellwether in the quick die/ mold change system in Taiwan and China, The Forwell Precision, has been developing many models that are used in mold transmission, maintenance, and storage. Forwell’s products fit into smart production model and can assist manufacturers to achieve the goal of total automation.

President Hsiao of Forwell shared that, as the average injection molding machines now are of multi-color injection function, and are in either hydraulic or servo power supply, so the demand for a eco-friendly injection results in the development of smart injection.

Hsiao further emphasized that, QMCS plays an important role in the development of automatic and smart injection manufacture. Because usually in the injection process the mold change is a time consuming issue that delays the schedule, and meanwhile those heavy molds menace the safety of the onsite operators. Therefore, with the import of the QMCS, both time and safety issues are easily conquered.

President Hsiao further pointed out that, the company has overseen the great potentiality of the automotive market in China years ago, so he had spent 350 million in China to build a factory that covers over 42,975 sqm in Jiangsu Province. Now the new factory can undergo trial manufacture and is involved in internal R&D program, such as the unique and innovative mold management system that exploits the smart automatic concept and links the mold transmission, mold storage & maintenance, and factory management. These three phases of molds mentioned above, can be dealt with perfectly by the Forwell mold management system, so as it is the main commodity of Forwell in the next ten years in the Mainland China market. It is estimated that, when the manpower in the new factory is recruited, the productivity of Forwell will be five times compared to now, satisfying the domestic demands for the Chinese customers.