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Forwell Quick Mold/Die Change System Connecting to Industry 4.0

【Reported by Chen Ren Yi, Commercial Times】
“Robotics” is a crucial goal which many industry experts are competing to develop, as the world awaits the launch of various robots and anticipate the productivity boosts they might bring. In a way the developments of industrial robots are here to replace traditional labor operations and also to create a safe and efficient unmanned operational environment. The end result of the concept evolved from “Automation Intelligence” is surely astonishing, this also helps many industries create new cooperative values and international competitiveness. This proves that the future development of “Automation Intelligence” and what the Germans proposed “Industry 4.0” will be like honey to a bee. As a result, introducing “Automation Intelligence” into the world of automation systems and aiming at advanced development has became a current trend to pursue. 

Chairman of Forwell Machinery Xaio Wen Long addressed, when it comes to “Industrial 4.0” in the manufacturing industry, it can be referred to as a flexible manufacturing system which combines “intelligence” with IOT, distributing operations directly through making orders, production, maintenance, etc. Meaning the whole new era of artificial intelligent management applications has just begun, taking a big step closer to “Unmanned Production Systems”. Forwell is currently developing Quick Mold/Die Change systems and factory automation systems, which are “Automated Intelligence” connected to the “Industry 4.0” concept. 

He also indicated, in March this year at “TIMTOS 2015”, many companies have launched 5-axis multi-faced machining centers, models with multifunctional cutting features, multifunctional designed servo stamping presses and other highly advanced models. Amongst them all, “Servo Stamping Presses” not only showed the features of multifunctional machining, high precision, low noise, but also emphasized that it provides “Simplified Processes” which are gradually evolving closer to the “Industry 4.0” concept. This not only proves the advanced machine tool development capabilities of domestic companies, but also that the “Industry 4.0” concept has been a key development perspective for domestic machine tool companies. Statistics showed that 1000 Japanese companies visited “TIMTOS 2015”, which obviously indicates Taiwan’s capability of developing advanced machine tools that generate a lot of attention. 

On the other hand, Xiao Wen Long fears the competitive threat of mainland China, due to the fact that mainland China has been an important market and survival factor for the Taiwan machine tool industry and now mainland China machine tool manufacturers are viciously advancing in the technology and development sector. Another factor is that China announced all controllers for machine tools imported into China must install Chinese or Taiwanese controllers, otherwise they will charge extra custom duties. For Taiwanese companies that always relied on Japanese controllers, they are facing the adaptation phase of adjusting user habits and developing mainland Chinese controllers. As they are facing the strong competitive force coming from both Japan and Korea, this is yet another tough challenge and hard case to crack for the Taiwan machine tool industry. 

Xiao Wen Long suggests, the Taiwan machine tool industry should aim their goals at developing advanced machines, this would be the only way to extend their advantage over mainland China, and close the gap with Japan and emerge with the concept “Industry 4.0”. In order to connect seamlessly with the development of industry 4.0, this is the only way to construct barriers to entry and create advantages.