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Forwell’s Quick Die Change System Rules Cross-strait

【Reported by Chen Ren Yi, Commercial Times】
Ever since the German industry pioneers brought up the concept of “Industry 4.0”, the fourth global Industrial Revolution has begun, and allowed automation production equipment to gradually evolve towards automation intelligence. The manufacturing industry has also gradually evolved into a trend of pursuing automation intelligence, and in the future they aim to integrate production using automation intelligence, management and service to allow for manufacturing, management, trade, and services to all become more rapid, accurate, and efficient. 

The Chairman of Forwell Machinery indicated that the Industry 4.0 concept for the manufacturing industry can be referred to as the “Intelligence” of flexible internet manufacturing. This implies that a whole new era of applying automation intelligence management has just arrived, taking another step closer to the goal of “Unmanned Production Systems”. 

Chairman of Forwell Xiao Wen Long stated, products that need “Mass Production” mostly need the use of molds. This includes metal stamping and plastic injection molding for the automated production of electronic products, and automotive and bicycle related components. The crucial element that affects production efficiency and stable quality is the operation of mold changing. Traditional ways of mold changing require time consuming labor, and has a number of potential dangers in regards to safety. By effectively implementing Automatic Quick Die Change Systems, these can reduce mold change time to 1/10th and can dramatically enhance production efficiency. Furthermore these systems provide rapid speeds, labor savings, increased safety, and allows for a very stable and consistent product quality. This all allows the process of automated production to run even more smoothly, thus achieving the goal of enhancing productivity and reducing costs. 

He also stated that the trend of developing automation systems into automation intelligent production, both enhances production efficiency and quality. If production equipment often breaks down, industries will face growing costs and this is what industries are not happy to see. Therefore, the quality of automation equipment is going to be a crucial element affecting the outcomes and growth of competitive markets. Forwell has always emphasized the quality and the service spirit of “Only Maintenance, No Repairing”, all of this is to help the industry maintain high production efficiency and high international competitiveness. 

Forwell Machinery is Taiwan’s No.1 Professional Quick Die Change Company, and is also the leading company cross-strait. Forwell’s Quick Die Change system can respond to various die changing machine needs, such as a wide range of stamping or injection molding machines and can allow users to conveniently change dies quickly under safe conditions. Integrating these systems into a production line, not only enables a factory to achieve quick die changing efficiency but it also much improves their mold management. 

Xiao Wen Long indicates that Forwell is currently developing in the direction towards Factory Automation for “Automation Intelligence” Quick Die Changes. His company has spent years devoting resources to the R&D of “Mold Management”, and is also a pioneer of advanced new equipment cross-strait. By utilizing mold management through “Automation Intelligence” and applying it to “Mold Transport” and “Mold Storage and Maintenance” this company ultimately aims to integrate them into an Automation Intelligence System that can manage transportation, haulage, storage, and maintenance.