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United Poet Recital to Pass on Cultural Heritage

【Reported by Renyi Chen, China Times】
In celebration of the 2014 Cultural Renaissance Festival to promote Chinese Culture, Poetry, and to maintain social harmony, there will be classes held about poetry and harmonizing life. Reservations can now be made to attend this event held on October 19th, at the Forwell Group Audiovisual Center in Pusin, Changhua County. This will be held together with the “National United Poet Recital” organized by the Forwell Technology Group Lions Club to promote Chinese culture. By personally co-sponsoring this event, Forwell Technology Group Chairman Xiao Wen Long aims to promote Chinese poetry by inviting director general Chen Guo Qing. This will ensure Chinese culture will continue to be passed down the generations and flourish. 

The “National United Poet Recital” is organized by a department of the National Changhua Living Art Center, the Chinese Poet Group, The Chinese Culture, Education, and Ethics Group, The Town of Nations Temple, and the Changhua County Arts Societal Group. Special poems mixing the styles of “Confucianism and Taoism” will set the theme of the event where seven-character quatrains and seven-character octaves will be recited.