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Lions Club Ballroom Tournament “Dance of Love”

【Reported by Renyi Chen, Business Times】
Sponsored by the Lions Club International District 300-C3, Chinese Taipei DanceSport Federation, Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, Zhang Gong Lions Club, Forwell Lions Club, Forwell Technology Group, and the Changhua County Sports Association Dance Committee together hosted the “2nd Annual Lions Club International Dance Invitation Tournament and Charity Party”. A few days ago (on the 16th) there was a dancing event at the Affiliated Industrial High School of NCUE activities center. Here both domestic and foreign dancers from a number of countries joined together to exchange ideas and on that day there was also a lovely charity party collecting for the ROC Spinal Injuries Association and other groups. It was free to attend the wonderful performance and party. 

In particular, the evening party meal vouchers also attracted interest from people from all walks of life and passionate companies. In order to provide disadvantaged groups with a caring feast filled with art, all of the profits earned were donated to these groups. 

At the event there was also the opening ceremony of the general assembly. President of the Lions Club International and Speaker of Parliament Chen Jiatian, Lions Club International District 300-C3 Director Cai Qingjiang, Deputy Director Xiao Wen Long (Forwell Technology Group CEO), Zhang Gong Lions Club President He Jian Chang, former President Ke Teng Zhen, Forwell Lions Club President Chen A Shan, Changhua Mayor Qiu Jianfu, and many other VIPs attended the ceremony. At the ceremony there were speeches, activities, and enterprises making donations, as well as a lot of cheering for encouraging the participants. 

Xiao Wen Long, Director of the general assembly said that this “Lions Club International Ballroom Dancing Competition” has been approved by the Chinese Taipei Dance Federation who is a member of the World Dance Council (WDC). Participants attending this tournament came from Taiwan, and professional international participants from mainland China, Hong Kong, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, and Singapore. For the jury the following members were cordially invited, Li Wen Zhen, Ou Sui Ming, Cao Jin Lai, Liu Shunyi, Long Wei Min, Lu Guo Xiong, Zhan Ya Man, Liao Jia Ying, and more than 30 other experts helped to judge this event. Many other groups participated such as modern and Latin dance groups, hobby groups, college groups, high school groups, middle-aged groups, and a wide range of children’s groups. In total about 250 pairs entered the competition with a total prize money of up to $NT500,000. 

In addition to the charity party Italian Modern Dancers Pawei Switalski and Paulina Janicka were invited as well as Canadian Latin Dancers Aleksandr Ivakhnov and Anastasija Kraitor. These couples all performed wonderful performances. Furthermore there were three consecutive sessions from the Blackpool Dance Festival Champions, the Guangdong Literature & Art Vocational College, who were invited to perform modern and Latin group dance. The art dance team of the “Miaoli County Physically Handicapped Association” also carried out an exquisite “wheelchair dance” performance at the party. This gave the charity event more meaning, a lot of vitality, and definitely encouraged the disadvantaged groups attending the event.