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Forwell’s Lions Club International Successor is Chen A Shan

【Reported by Renyi Chen, Business Times】
The President of the Forwell Group Xiao Wen Long initially created the Forwell Lions Club (Lions Club International District 300-C3) and on the 21st there was the 5th new Club President inauguration (2014-2015). The 4th Club President Weng Zhang Li Qing was ready to hand over the honor of the position. Over the last year this branch set a new Lions Club record for the most blood donated which was a great success, and now the 5th newly appointed Club President will be Chen A Shan who is doing business in the religious articles industry. At the annual ceremony from 2013-2014, when the 300-C3 District Director Xu Tiansheng took charge, he supervised new appointments. Besdies him, Lions Club International honorary speaker of parliament Zhangbo Guan, Director of Taiwan’s Changhua County Deputy Magistrate Lin Tian Fu, legislator Wang Hui, legislator Wei Ming Gu, and Yuanlin Township Mayor Zhang Jin kuan attended the ceremony. 

New President Chen A Shan said that the Lions Club would continue to promote and organize blood donations and other social services to assist the vulnerable people in society. Furthermore during the ceremony, 5 special friends of the Forwell Lions Club donated a total NT$1.5 million for a special community service fund that will be used for social assistance. 

Although the Forwell Lions Club was only founded 4 years ago, the current number of members has reached 152, with a planned second general assembly for the 300-C3 district, which hopes to attract more members to become the country’s largest branch next year. 

Forwell is also the founder of the Lions Club in the 300-C3 district, and the founder and Vice-Director Xiao Wen Long said that it would be an enterprise with a “service-oriented” business philosophy. By always striving to implement a “service first” approach for the increasing the reach of the Lions Club International, and to spread social services, members will contribute at least NT$1.5 million per year to give back to the community. In the future, there will be a member sponsored calligraphy competition, classical music concerts, classic lectures, a Chinese ballroom dancing Lions Cup tournament, and other activities. 

In addition, co-organized by the Forwell Technology Group, the Forwell Lions Club will host a collaborative meeting on June 30th at 19:30. This meeting will be held at the Forwell Technology Group Audiovisual Center for a free to attend “Piano and Cello Recital”, with a one time performance in Taiwan by cellist Ke Rong Xuan who lives in the US.