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Forwell the Bellwether of Injection Molding Machine Quick Die Change Systems

【Reported by Dai Chen, Commercial Times】
Increase Machine Utilization Rates 
Meet the Diverse Needs of Small-Batch Production 
Reduce Inventory

The precision plastic injection molding industry is highly competitive, profits are generally poor, and products have a short life cycle and there is a large demand for small-batch production of very diverse products as well as a range of other characteristics. The only solution is to lower costs through automated production, increase machine utilization rates and improve the quality of products, this will help companies stand out from the competition and earn higher profits. 

The Chairman of Forwell who has accumulated more than 20 years of Quick Die Change experience indicates that the implementation of Injection Molding Machine Quick Die Change Systems greatly shortens die changing time, increases machine utilization rates, and also satisfies the industry’s trends of small-batch production. Furthermore these systems reduce inventory, improve product quality, extend die life, reduce labor expenses and occupational injuries, as well as offer other benefits. Moreover they also stimulate overall company productivity, improve management development, and enhance corporate competitiveness. 

Xiao Wen Long indicates Injection Molding Machine Quick Die Change Systems utilize air pressure-driven oil pumps to generate high pressure, by using adjustable air pressure regulators to adjust the increased pressure. Therefore when facing power outages or a loss of air pressure, the hydraulic pressure can still be maintained for long period of times, which has a range of advantages. These include energy savings, increased safety, and convenience, as well as prolonging the service life of molds which all meet the industry’s high standards. 

Furthermore Forwell has just recently launched the “Automatic Die Cart Change System”, of which there are two models, one is a single speed fully automatic loading and unloading system and the other is a semi-automatic loading and unloading system. These can conduct loading, unloading, positioning, clamping, and other automatic operations of large molds with weights between 3-15 tons. 

Due to the price of the newly launched “Automatic Die Cart Change System” it is a third cheaper than similar Japanese models, and this not only reduces the cost for the people in the industry, but it also helps increase market acceptance and usage. This allows people in the industry to be safer and able to perform faster die change operations, which substantially saves time and enhances productivity. 

Forwell state that they can provide those who are interested in implementing Automatic Die Change and Cart Systems for automated operations, they can offer a comprehensive range of equipment, site planning, construction, commissioning, consulting, and training services. Forwell Company Phone Number (04) 834-5196.