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Forwell Smart Facility Accelerates Your Steps into Industry 4.0

Encountered with the trend of “High-Mix/Low-Volume Production” model”, manufacturers in the automotive and 3C sectors toil to keep their market competitiveness. For these manufacturers, plastics injection and metal pressing are two popular processing methods. As the two sectors recover with the world market demands, the need for automation also escalate.

Among all other industries, the automotive industry is the leading locomotive that pushes the entire world economy. Automotive companies, under the “High-Mix/Low-Volume Production” model”, pursue high productivity, high quality, shorten delivery time, reduced cost, import the corresponding smart facility that fit into the Industry 4.0 (Productivity 4.0) shoes in hope that this could help increase their competitiveness.

President Hsiao of Forwell stated that, Forwell is a company that imported the concept of Industry 4.0 (Productivity 4.0) and develops Smart QDCS/ DMCS Factory Facility. Many automotive components are made by injection molding machines with multi-color injection functions, which is different from mono-color and double-color injections in the past time. And those multi-color machine are of either hydraulic or electronic power, and both types can proceed big object injections rather than small objects in the old days. Those green-oriented and low-noise electronic injection molding machines, are as smart as their hydraulic counterparts now.

Hsiao further explained that QMCS acts as an important role in the pursue of smart production. It used to take a longer time to change molds by conventional manner, which hinders productivity. With the QMCS, the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) will be increased and the cost can be cut. This is a model that integrates safety, speed, and mold changing.

President Hsiao claimed that Forwell QMCS/ QDCS can integrate the existing complicated mold management procedure with smart planning, from point (mold transmission), to line (mold storage & maintenance), to surface (factory facility). The smart system can deal with mold transmission, delivery, storage, maintenance, and warehousing.

President Hsiao illustrate the concept Industry 4.0 as “Machinery + Information”. The “Smart QDCS/ DMCS Factory Facility” developed by Forwell can record overall mold data and many other inspection and data feedback mechanism have been planned in the system; this design is meant to offer accurate data to the control center. In the future, this can work with IoT (Internet of Things) to achieve the goals of Smart Automatic Turnkey Solution” and Industry 4.0 (Productivity 4.0).