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Forwell Mold/ Die Management System is Smart

During the current year the world economy barely recover and the total recovery, though expected by people, but hard to predict when due to market issues. As a result, corporate owners are dithering about capital goods investment. This situation, makes it a hard time for machine tool manufacturers.

President Hsiao of Forwell who is also the director of TAMI, whose company is the leading brand in QDCS and QMCS in Taiwan and China. He shared that the 2008 recession was like a big collision of cars and the victim cars eventually will go back to their path after repairmen. However compared with 2008, the status quo now is a perplexing car pile-up collision accident that no one know exactly what has happened in the ground zero. In this kind of situation, people have no clue to fix the situation. The interactive world economic bodies rely on each other. If the trade war between nations goes vicious, private corporates can do nothing but be submissive to the reality.

President Hsiao said that private firms now facing with difficult situation and vicious competition. This challenges all the firms especially Taiwan firms due to bad domestic economy, weak domestic market, political power transfer, exchange difference. On the other side, the Chinese market is still good because the infrastructure there is not complete and people buy vehicles to deal with such issue. This help develop the Chinese automotive market in a huge scale.

Hsiao emphasized, now it is the time for corporates to inspect, revise, improve, and innovate. Time exams everything and private firms need to develop their real market value and agile flexibility. With these two swords a company can survive in this competitive world. Forwell, as a leading brand, will keep its pace in the development of Industry 4.0 (Productivity 4.0 in Taiwan) and develop smart mold/ die management system for the consumers. Meanwhile, Forwell will be further reorganized, preparing itself to be ready whenever the world economy recovers from recession.

Forwell work enthusiastically on the “Smart Automatic QMCS/ QDCS” which can integrate the change, transmission, delivery, storage, warehousing, and maintenance of molds and dies into one movement. This system is the first advanced facility in both straits. The system works from point (mold transmission), to line (mold storage & maintenance), to surface (factory facility). The smart system can deal with mold and die in smart manner and manage facility in an intelligent way.