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Forwell Expands Business Scale Steps by Steps

Leading QDCS/ DMCS brands in cross-strait market, Forwell, has made reinforcing projects for sales, R&D, production, and marketing solution in order to satisfy the demand from the ever-changing market. In the year 2016 the company expanded its business scale, added novel concepts, rebuilt corporate frame, and reinvent Forwell’s competitiveness.

President Hsiao of Forwell pointed out that even if the economy is not recovered yet, the supply for automotive sector is still strong, which keeps stimulating the development of the production of metal and plastics parts for automotive sector. Moreover, the development of alternative fuel vehicles will eventually prevail the market, together with the new technology such as unmanned drive, secured drive, surveillance system, automatic navigation, people expect that the golden age of automotive is about to come.

Speaking of the 3C industry, Hsiao thinks that as long as there is no innovative product in the market for a period of time, this market is stagnate now. Hsiao expects some novel products to spring out by leading brands such as APPLE so that this market will be reenergized.

Hsiao claimed that since the wage has risen in China, fostering manpower with skills is no longer easy as before. Now Chinese market is walking into the era of automatic production, so it is the right time for Chinese manufacturers to import automatic facilities such as the Quick Die/ Mold Change Systems. Forwell is confident about the future industrial demand and will persist in the R&D of relevant machinery by setting up various modification projects.

Hsiao will increase its brand broadcasting in both printed and digital media as well as other expansion projects. In the ratio between R&D and production, the existing ratio 3:7 will be modified to 6:4 in order to develop more die/ mold management systems. In the meantime, Forwell will integrate the mold/ die peripheral equipment to extend the spectrum of Forwell products, including standard mold/ die products, parts and accessories, clamp parts, and other R&D projects. Hsiao also set one model factory of mold/ die management and one showroom in Huai’an, China and seeks for technological cooperation with Japanese and German companies. These efforts are aimed to foster a comprehensive competence for the future service for the Chinese customers with advanced service.

Hsiao further said that Forwell is preparing for going to the public in the Chinese market. Once it has been a listed company, Forwell’s operation scale and business model are magnified and consolidated in a more sustainable pace.