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Forwell Accelerates Its Cross-Strait Arrangement as the World Economy Recovers

By 陳仁義, Chinatimes; AM05:50, 7th of March, 2017

President Hsiao of Forwell has been dedicating in the sector of smart quick die/ mold change system for years, he recently says that in 2017, it seems that the economy will recover gradually, especially the automotive and motorcycle sectors. This is achieved mainly due to the US protectionism launched by President Trump of the USA, and the following act that the US leaves the TPP. Now it seems that, the free trade trend will shift to Asia and benefits the Asian suppliers especially the Chinese companies. Within this status quo, Forwell will accelerate its steps in the cross-strait markets to launch more development projects in the Mainland China factories such as the Huai’an plant. Forwell will prepare itself for the recovered environment.

President Hsiao is also the Director of TAMI and chief of the corresponding “Metal Forming Committee”. He shared his point of view that President Trump of the USA launches trade protectionism, which increases the import tariffs and, though increase local job opportunities, may impact the US commodities’ competitiveness regarding the export market, if the US cannot make its domestic supply chain sophisticated within a short period of time. Now the American’s manufacturing facility is from Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and other important suppliers, so if the tariff duty is raised, then the domestic purchasers will be impacted, and more and more global manufacturers will go to China, leading China the main role in the international platform.

Hsiao further emphasized that, when the business focus shifts from the US to other area, such as the ASEAN, the market will be stimulated and the Asian market itself will benefit from this trend. Taiwan’s industry, will also benefit from the growth of the China’s economy.

President Hsiao said, Forwell will march towards the goal of smart machinery, via its four departments: metal forming, plastics & rubber forming, 3C, and machinery. The 3C dept. will invest on PCB peripheral facility, dust collection equipment, unmanned carts, and industrial robots. He expects that the company will be versatile in the future.


President Hsiao, though busy in his business, now serves as the director of the Hsiao Family Association, after his term as the director of Lions Blub 300-C3 has over. He never forget to contribute to the society.

Photo and Article by陳仁義