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Forwell is the Pioneer in Smart Mold and Die Change System

By戴辰, 16th of May, 2017

Leading QDCS and QMCS brand in the cross-strait market, Forwell, launched the fully automatic mold/ die storage system which can upload and download molds and dies during changing procedure. The product is widely recognized by users, and is also awarded at Taipeiplas Award events.

President Hsiao of Forwell pointed out that the “Automatic Mold/ Die Warehouse System” is the first invention in the nation, which can proceed trivial duties such as mold and die carriage, storage, management, which always cause safety issues in conventional mold/ die consuming factories. The innovative factory mold and die management system offers better safety, better precision, and faster mold and die recognition and storage mechanisms which can categorize items and proceed automatically within about 6 minutes.

President Hsiao further stated that Forwell will develop “Mold/ Die Maintenance System” to help proceed maintenance procedure for better lifespan of molds and dies, so manufacturers can work from point to line to surface eventually, integrating the mold/ die production with smart ideas, achieving Industry 4.0.

Hsiao said that Industry 4.0 is “Machinery + Information”, which means to report the machine’s production date, utilized parameters, and maintenance data to the control center, achieving the goal of smart automation. The analysis of the big data, will achieve smart machinery.

President Hsiao said that, Forwell invested on the R&D of smart production since the year 2010, to develop smart machines and the corresponding peripherals such as mold/ die management system, mold/ die transmission system (the automatic cart), and the first automatic mold/ die storage system in Taiwan which can proceed mold and die loading duty. Moreover, Forwell has developed the “Automatic Factory QMCS/ QDCS” that integrates inspection system, data report system, and can provide data to the control center. In the future, it will integrates IoT to realize Industry 4.0.

Hsiao expressed that Forwell will pour more resources on R&D to accelerate its product development and expand its product category scale. He will add variable business ideas into the company and seeks for cooperation opportunities with Japanese and German suppliers to offer integrated services for customers in both Taiwan and China. It is expected that, the Forwell Group would be further upgraded, and be prepared for the Chinese stock market as one of the listed companies for the permanent operation.

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