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Exclusive Forwell Smart Mold and Die Management System

By陳仁義, 17th of July, 2017

Forwell has been working on smart quick mold an die change system for a decade, and now the company is developing smart machinery that fits into the shoes of Industry 4.0 in order to march into the new era. Now Forwell is able to offer one integrated line that includes mold and die change, transmission, delivery, loading, and storage. This smart mold and die management system was awarded at Taipeiplas 2016. The award makes Forwell the only one company in the sector to be honored with this award.

President Hsiao of Forwell said that, Forwell’s smart mold and die management system integrates three systems: mold and die transmission system (automatic mold/ die cart), automatic mold and die storage system, and the mold maintenance system, while the later is about to be finished and the former two are already fully developed. This system is helpful to both metal forming and plastics injection sectors, getting rid of the bulky stuff while promising a productive, easy, and systematic management system with integrated benefits and smart features.

At the meantime, the system links mold/ die transmission as point, to mold/ die storage and maintenance as line, and then to the factory solution as plane. This system can deal with smart mold and die management issues.

Hsiao shared that due to the economic issues in 2016, together with the currency appreciation impact, Taiwan’s export was not ideal. Furthermore, aggravated by various policies that hinder the development, corporations are conservative about investment. On the contrary, China’s economic policies indeed stimulate Chinese economy and are with world views.

Hsiao pointed that, the B&R issued by the Chinese government promises future and hope to its people, and boost the world economy. This policy also helps Chinese corporations as well as Taiwanese corporations to march towards the world market farther. It is expected that, with this effort, the RMB will become hard currency and China, will become the leading nations in the world platform.