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Forwell’s Innovation was Awarded with Honor: Forwell Team Encouraged

Forwell is enthusiastic in the automation engineering. In 2016 the company was awarded with the innovation award of plastics and rubber competition.

Forwell has been dedicating in the development of QDCS and QMCS for metalworking and plastics and rubber sectors and has been awarded with smart plastics and rubber peripheral awards in Taipeiplas 2016. General Manager Hsiao of Forwell represented the company to attend the ceremony to accept the award from governmental official. GM Hsiao said that, he expects the company to further develop itself into more compact, offering more innovative automatic mold and die management products.

Speaking of the automatic mold and die services, Hsiao shared that, QDCS and QMCS development can be divided into several steps; first is mold and die quick change system, then is the mold and die transmission system, and now it is the mold and die management system. This very system is the latest products that in inherits Forwell crew’s experiences. This system, can help customers to get the appropriate mold and die in a faster rate, and can store and maintain all the molds and dies well. This mechanism, to those whose factories store many molds or dies, are very beneficial in the aspect of management.

GM Hsiao emphasized that, the earlier one import the system, the better one would get via this system due to the easy management of his or her factory. Now Forwell’s mold and die management system integrates automatic mold and die storage system and maintenance system, and is subject to customers’ factory circumstances such as factory space, facility installment, transmission length. This complicated engineering helps people to well utilize their existing molds or dies.


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