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The Integrated QDCS/ QMCS of Forwell Goes with the Industrial Trend

By戴辰 13:22, 6th of September, 2017
Metal pressing is a very important procedure for the critical components of automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, and 3C products. As the lifespan of those products are shortened, the manufacturing trend is adjusted into small volume but large variety, under the idea of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing.

President Hsiao of Forwell, the leading brand in automatic rapid mold/ die change said, his company has delved into the trend and integrated smart production already. Recently it further imported the idea of Industry 4.0 to satisfy customers from automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, and 3C sectors, offering them the solutions of small volume but large variety. With Forwell’s assistance, those companies become more competitive due to several improvements: lower cost consumed, lesser stock, more agile in production. These efforts, increase manufacturers’ production quality and upgrade their firms.

President Hsiao stated that, Forwell’s integrated QDCS/ QMCS supply are with data collection function, and the system will report the collected information to the control center for future IoT upgrade, realizing smart QDCS and smart QMCS. In order to keep up with the trend of smart manufacture, Forwell’s R&D will continue toward the idea of Industry 4.0.

Now the company dedicates to the R&D of smart automatic QDCS/ QMCS. It has achieved the mold/ die delivery system (automatic mold/ die cart) in mass production, and also realized smart mold/ die management system that can change, transmit, carry, reserve, warehousing, maintain molds and dies.