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Forwell Smart Mold & Die Management System Makes Unparalleled Success

By Chen Ren-Yi, 11th of October, 2017
Forwell has been dedicating to the development of quick die/ mold change system for over a decade. Now the company makes progress with an integrated smart die/ mold management system that combines die/ mold change, transmission, delivery, storage, warehousing, and maintenance. The system was awarded in 2016 exclusively in the award ceremony by its own category.

President Hsiao of Forwell said that, this system includes three major systems: Firstly the die/ mold transmission system (automatic cart system), and secondly, the automatic storage system. These two systems have been massively produced for the industrial users. And thirdly, the die/ mold maintenance system, which is scheduled to complete. This smart die/ mold management system is able to advance both plastics injection workers and die pressing operators in their management of dies and molds and get rid of the conventional tedious stuff. The goal of this system is to build a quick, efficient, safe, user-friendly, and systematic management system for molds and dies.

This pioneering system integrates the idea of smart automation, connecting die/ mold transmission as a point, and die/ mold storage & maintenance as line, and to the fully fledged total solution as plane. With point, line, and plane, the Forwell system is capable of handling all the dies and molds smartly.

Hsiao expressed that in order to keep up with the demands from China, Forwell has established and arranged its road in the Huai’an plant, and with its four departments: Metal Forming Dept, Plastics & Rubber Forming Dept, 3C Dept, and Production Dept. to expand company’s application fields. For example, the 3C dept. will support industries such as circuit board, dust collection, unmanned carriage, and industrial robots. The goal is to walk towards business variation in the future development.

President Hsiao further pointed out that, the life time of vehicles becomes shorter due to the exploitation of car styles, functions, technological devices, and audio visual equipment, so it is a trend that “High-Mix/Low-Volume Production” model is the primary production model in the sector. And this will further activate the demands for molds and dies, so that the management method of molds and dies which would be changed, and a productive management of dies and molds is very crucial to business owners.

Moreover, for the future maintenance purpose to be achieved, the easy-to-replace feature is also critical, thus module production model is a coming trend in the production line of dies and molds.

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