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FExclusive Technology of QDCS & QMCS by Forwell Makes Absolute Competitiveness

By陳仁義, April 11, 2018
In order to set a convenient repairing system for automotive industry, many car components are manufactured by modules. Automotive components are made in small-volume with large variety which is different from the conventional manufacturing trend. For better productivity, automation is a necessity as well as fastened mold and die change rates.

With the coming trend of Industry 4.0, now manufacturers adopt the smart automation into their manufacturing plants as their important competitiveness in the global market.

Forwell has adopted Industry 4.0 and developed smart QDCS and QMCS Factory Solution. President Hsiao shared that smart production can help increase productivity, lower production cost, and enhance quality while cut the in stock rate. These benefits, help manufacturers to optimize the product quality and quantity, and upgraded.

President Hsiao stated that the life time of vehicles becomes shorter due to the exploitation of car styles, functions, technological devices, and audio visual equipment on cars, so it is a trend that “High-Mix/Low-Volume Production” model is the primary production model in the sector. And this will further activate the demands for molds and dies, so that the management of molds and dies which are changed, installed, uninstalled, transferred, is really important now. Therefore, in order to be in line with the demands from different markets, the utilization of molds and dies will grow, and so a efficient mold/ die change procedure and management are very important. Hsiao further pointed out that, automotive parts need to comply with green ideas and other modern ideas at the same time, such as being durable, compact, and recyclable. Moreover, for the future maintenance purpose, the easy-to-replace feature is also crucial, thus module production model is a coming trend.

President Hsiao of Forwell said that the automotive market in Taiwan is saturated, with no more sign of growth. Unlike Taiwan, the automotive markets in the Mainland China, India, Indonesia, and other nations in the Southeast Asia are with great potentiality. In this sector, many metal and plastics components require automatic metal forming and injection molding processes, so the growth of the automotive markets in the above mentioned areas are to grow in the future.

President Hsiao shared his point that Forwell continues to dedicate itself in China and Taiwan with its smart mold and die management system, which includes three subsidiary systems: First one is the mold/ die transmission system (automatic cart system), second one is the automatic mold/ die warehousing system, and the mold/ die maintenance system which can help maintain molds and dies before its installation. The former two types of systems are already in mass production stage. The smart mold and die management system of Forwell provides an integrated management solution for both metal forming and plastics injection sectors, dealing with their complicated heavy lifting works. This system features efficiency, safety, user-friendly, and logicality.

Last but not least, President Hsiao said, only with a well-prepared plans, can a company survive in the competitive market with its absolute advantages.