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Forwell Plays an Pioneering Role in Smart Mold & die Management

By陳仁義, May 09, 2018, China Times
Many business owners in the manufacturing industry and machinery sectors are working on the realizing of smart production in order to keep up with the trend of Industry 4.0. Taiwan’s machinery builders are also marching towards this goal now as they want to be the pioneers in the industry.

President Hsiao of Forwell, who is also a director of TAMI, mentioned that smart management, big data management, and unmanned production are the three trends for the manufacturing industry in the future. He emphasized that if one cannot keep up with this idea, their business will face serious obstacles on the market.

Chinese government set 2025 as the year to fully-realize smart manufacturing, and they will utilize the technology of automation, smart management, and big data to realize this 2025 dream. This path, if compared with Taiwan’s status, is identical to the industrial policies of Taiwanese government regarding the applications.

Hsiao further pointed out that in the future all the industrial sectors will utilize the big data technology as well s IoT, so companies from different sectors will eventually merge together. For example, control panel suppliers need to integrate big data, IoT, and smart machinery technology in order to upgrade their facility. So the development of sector integration becomes important now.

Hsiao stated that both Taiwanese and Chinese are working hard to realize the idea of Industry 4.0, and he suggested that Taiwanese shall take actions step by step according to their industrial demands. By customizing their smart solutions, Taiwan’s machinery suppliers may be the pioneers in the world market that help consumers all over the world to achieve Industry 4.0.

Hsiao explained that, the concept of smart manufacturing is to integrate machinery with information, reporting the processing data, utilization data, and maintenance data to the control center for the sake of smart automation.

President Hsiao said that, Forwell had invested on the R&D of smart production since the year 2010, to develop smart machines and the corresponding peripherals in Taiwan and China for the metalworking and plastics injections sectors.

The system can proceed mold and die loading duty, such as mold/ die management system, mold/ die transmission system (the automatic cart), and the first automatic mold/ die storage system, achieving smart mold/ die management system that can change, transmit, carry, reserve, warehousing, maintain molds and dies.

Moreover, Forwell has developed the “Automatic Factory QMCS/ QDCS” that integrates inspection system, data report system, and can provide data to the control center. In the future, it will integrates IoT to realize Industry 4.0.

President Hsiao emphasized that, this system is 100% customized. The design is based on customers’ plant specifications as well as machinery conditions. Therefore, this system is highly complicated and difficult to build, involving profound engineering technology.

President Hsiao of Forwell claimed that they will develop “FUDE” robot technology.