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Forwell’s Pioneering Mold/ Die Management System

By戴辰, May09, 2018; Economic Daily News

Moving forward towards the goal of realizing Industry 4.0, Forwell has developed its smart mold & die management system that stimulates productivity, and reduce cost as well as stock storage, making manufacturing an agile movement.

President Hsiao of Forwell shared that, the smart mold & die management system integrates users’ demands from the metalworking and injection molding industries, and connects the automatic mold/ die change, mold/ die transmission, automatic storage, and the automatic maintenance systems altogether, making it an integrated line contains all the functions mentioned above.

Hsiao emphasized that, this system is 100% customized. The design is based on customers’ plant specifications as well as machinery conditions. Therefore, this system is highly complicated and difficult to build, involving profound engineering technology. In order to help consumers experience this smart system, understanding the high productivity and convenience of it, Forwell has developed a VR device that gives customers the special experience of it. Users may go through the planned route to know how mold and dies would be well managed. With the smart mold & die management system, users would know that the management, storage, and change of all the molds/ dies are actually very easy and could be effective in their factories.

With the assistance of this system, users will experience the benefits of easy management of molds and dies with different sizes, realizing convenient management of molds and dies.

President Hsiao shared that the smart mold and die management system is equipped with the function that records the mold information, so it could send feedback to the control center for future IoT utilization. In the future, it is expected that the smart system may be upgraded as smart QDCS/ QMCS. For coping with the trend of smart manufacture, Forwell would keep its pace in R&D, moving forwards to the trend of Industry 4.0.