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Mr. Hsiao Rui-bang (蕭瑞邦) Inaugurated as Director of Forwell Lions Club

By陳仁義, June 21, 2018; Commercial Times

Forwell Lions Club and its subsidiary recently held inauguration ceremony for the new director (incumbent 2018-19). Mr. Hsiao Rui-bang (蕭瑞邦) is elected as the director and Lui Shun-jia (劉順佳) as the 3rd new chief of LOHAS Lions Club (樂活國際獅子會). Mr. Hsiao works in the crane engineering sector, and the ceremony is supervised by director Ye Zhi-hong (葉志宏), who serves in the 300-C3 of Int’l Lions Club. Besides Ye, there are other government officials participated, including Magistrate of Changhua County Wei Ming-ku (魏明谷), Mayor of Yuanlin City Zhang Jing-kun (張錦昆), Chief of Puxin Township Zhang Cheng-yu (張乘瑜), legislator of Changhua County Chen Qiu-rong (陳秋蓉), representatives of int’l Lions Club Lin Qi-guo (林齊國) and Zhang Rui-tai (張瑞泰), and Zhang Buo-guang (張伯光).

Director Hsiao stated that besides emergent missions, the club will continue its blood donation events as its good tradition, and he expects that together they may break the 13,000 bag record set by former director Qiu Zai-kun (邱在崑), delivering help to even more people. Moreover, the club will also take care of students living around the neighborhoods with special conditions. Last, the club will hold competition of Taiwanese language in order to promote their mother tongue.

During the ceremony, President Hsiao of Forwell, who is also the founder of Forwell Lions Club and the director of Lions Club 300-C3, donated 1.65 million NTD with his family as the funds for social emergent funds.

Left: Hsiao Rui-bang (蕭瑞邦), the 9th director of Forwell Lions Club, Ye Zhi-hong (葉志宏), the director of Lions Club 300-C3, and former director Qiu, Zai-kun (邱在崑).