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Taiwan Hsiao’s Clan Association Held A Leadership Seminar Event

By陳仁義, October 2, 2018

Currently Taiwan Hsiao’s Clan Association held a two-day seminar “Taiwan Hsiao’s Clan Association Leadership Seminar” in West Lake Resortopia (西湖渡假村) on the Teachers’ Day (28th of September) in order to foster the development of the association and make it one of the top five associations in Taiwan. After retiring from the Lion’s Club 300-C3 as a former director, President Hsiao of Forwell is recommended by people to become the President of the Hsiao’s Clan Association. President Hsiao expects that the association could grow and advance in the field of service quality, offering Hsiao’s family members all over the world good supportive services such as event planning, project execution, talent incubation, organization operation, and association consolidation reinforcement. All these efforts are for one purpose: Making the Hsiao’s Clan Association the top five in Taiwan.

This seminar of leadership has invited excellent lecturers to share precious experiences with participants. There are many interesting conference sessions, such as “Medication Safety & Consumer Protection”, “Effective Meeing Skills”, “International Etiquette”, “Global Situations Analysis”, “Taiwan under the Influence of Climate Change”, “The Strength of Education”, and “The Art of Leadership”. These programs help participants gain professional knowledge and advance their talents, building their skills in the field of organizational behavior. Moreover, this seminar is a pioneering event that is anticipated to be a new paradigm in the Hsiao’s Clan Association.

President Hsiao of Hsiao’s Clan Association is also the president of Forwell. He states that the annual goal of the association is to consolidate Hsiao’s family members and to serve people. The seminar aims to help members understand more about leadership. He points out that the spirit of leadership is to lead a group of people to achieve a goal, and during the process, people shall use communications more than commands, promises more than comply. Leaders shall be the model based on their sincerity in order to influence people to follow. With mutual cooperation, people are able to unite the strength of the family members, and enhance their competitiveness, expanding their service to the world.

President Hsiao shares that with former presidents’ efforts, the association’s services are getting better and better through these years and the member number is growing. Now He will delve into the international affairs for the association’s global expansion. He expects that the scale of Hsiao’s Clan Association to grow and become global. Now there are 200,000 members registered in the association and 15 branches in Taiwan.