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Forwell’s PFPS Has Successfully Registered A Utility Model Patent


By陳仁義, At 05:50; October 24, 2018

Since its inception, Forwell has been dedicating to the plastics & rubber, and the metal forming sectors for a long time. Besides, twenty years ago, Forwell has developed the first PCB Fine Piercing System (PFPS) in Taiwan, and has registered patents as an innovative design. The PFPS is adopted by many PCB manufacturers, making Forwell the leading brand in this sector. Forwell PFPS has been sold to the Mainland China, India, Turkey, and other markets. Now the company is working on other automatic PCB peripheral product development projects in order to move towards the goal of Industry 4.0.

Forwell PEPS removing plate adopts special structure; the composition of the plate is accurate and is reinforced, and the pneumatic pressure can be adjusted in accordance with the punching machines’ speed, so that the motions are smooth and steady. The removing by 0 or 180 degree can be adjusted according to the automation setting, and the handling and adjusting are easier for operators. The system is with higher accuracy and longer lifespan, suitable for ordinary PCB manufacture. Together with QDCS, business owners can save energy while improve quality due to its automatic advantage.

President Hsiao further explained that, the production of mono-layer and double-layer PCB are conducted from printing, etching, punching, removing, plugging, and a series of inspection. Punching and peeling, are at the amid the process, these two determine the conductivity of PCB plate and the overall yield rate. If these two are not carried out properly, there may be deformation, material peeling, cracking, unwanted jags, which may destroy the plates.

President Hsiao of Forwell claimed that, the PCB sector develops in two directions: Accurate nano-class, such as advanced multi-layer, and the SSI manufacturers. On the other hand, the ordinary mono-layer, and the ordinary double-layer PCB are still applied in many cases, such as toys, toy cars, control boxes, keyboard, and simple film control circuit boards. These products adopt basic PCB technology in the production lines, so that Forwell PFPS can help improve the PCB quality in productivity, yield rate, delivery time, and energy consumption. The compound double-layer hydraulic punching and stripping processes achieve smooth edge punch without material peeling and cracks, increasing yield rate in a huge scale.

Hsiao said that, Forwell is now developing a PCB total solution that integrates dust collection, preheating, material collection and transmission. The company will work with PCB manufacturers to sell total solution as a new business model. Moreover, Forwell’s 3C department will also fling itself into the field of electronics devices, PCB inspection facility, unmanned carry, PCB die storage management system. Forwell team watches the trends and adjust their steps, offering the optimal composition for the market demands.