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Forwell’s Three-year Moving Forward Project Fosters Business Opportunities for Smart Manufacturing

By戴辰, October 31, 2018

President Hsiao of Forwell is also an executive supervisor of TAMI, who points out that Taiwanese machinery suppliers shall work towards the goal of smart machinery in order to consolidate their international marketing. Besides, Hsiao also says that they shall also reinforce their strength in the technology of internet of things.

President Hsiao pointed that in order to solve manpower issues as well as cost down demands, manufacturers in China and Taiwan adopt smart technology in their production lines. In Taiwan, many industrial insiders are pondering on the purchase of intelligent machinery due to the demand of the trend Industry 4.0. Among all the manufacturing facilities, the most critical type of machineries are equipment that can improve manufacturing procedure and productivity, while reduce the operation cost.

In the past, Forwell has been dedicating to the development of three systems: The mold/ die transmission system (the automatic cart system), automatic mold/ die warehousing system, and the maintenance system called smart mold/ die management system. These system integrates the automatic change, transmission, delivery, storage, warehousing, and maintenance efforts.

Now since the inquiries of automatic mold/ die warehousing system is rising as manufacturers seek to keep up with the trend of Industry 4.0, the cart and the relevant technology would be a standard accessory rather than an optional one. Moreover, Forwell has developed the “Automatic Factory QMCS/ QDCS” that integrates inspection system, data report system, and can provide data to the control center. In the future, it will integrate IoT to realize Industry 4.0.

President Hsiao emphasized that, any project or plan proposed and operated by Forwell have to be sustainable. Now Forwell Group is working on a Three-year Moving Forward Project, which would shift the development of smart mold/ die management to FUDE robot technology. Looking forward, it is expected that under the operation of all its business plans, Forwell is about to expand new market opportunities.