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Forwell Smart QDCS & QMCS Makes Customized Mass Production


2019-04-15 Written by Dai Chen (戴辰)

President Hsiao of Forwell said that, as now the trend of smart manufacturing is a must do, it is critical for companies to grasp this opportunity to deploy their market planning. This is the basis for the competition in the global market, and helps a company to have its own advantages.
President Hsiao said that, the Sino-American trade war is a bad thing that works against the international trade, as a national shall not be overprotective to its domestic companies, that hinders the development of free trade. This situation makes trade activities like tokens for international relationship in the phase of economic development. Furthermore, Taiwan is afflicted by this trade war as well. What’s more, the anti-dumping action of mainland China towards Taiwan’s machine tool suppliers hinders the development of the cross-strait machine tool industry. Hopefully this trade war may soon go to an end and the world trade could be recovered with the introduction of smart technology.
President Hsiao said that, marching towards smart manufacturing is a long way to go. Hsiao pointed out that, in order to improve a production line for further automation project, it has to meet the basic requirements, such as being reasonable and standardization. However, most Taiwanese suppliers are just in the middle of the process, so President Hsiao suggested that they shall accelerate the procedure in a faster pace so that when the day of big data comes they are able to cope with it rather than being filtered by the trend.
Hsiao emphasized the idea that, customization is equal to mass production, and pointed out that the goal of smart manufacturing is based on this concept. Now there are manufacturers with large scale of production working enthusiastically towards this goal. With a profound discussion, Forwell team is also working on it, and aims to develop a smart quick die and mold change system for the entire manufacturing plant. In the future, Forwell will realize this idea customization is equal to mass production.
Now Forwell has integrated quick die change system and quick mold change system. The former is for metalworking sector, while the latter is for plastics injection sector. The pioneering smart mold and die management system in Taiwan and China includes smart quick change system, automatic mold and die transmission system (automatic cart system), and automatic warehousing system, and automatic maintenance system. This system can do automatic change, transmission, carrying, storage, warehousing, and maintenance at one stop.
President Hsiao said, although the smart mold and die management system is under marketing planning, the smart management of molds and dies is definitely the trend. It is the time of the introduction of this system, and the trend of the demand is escalating in the market and will make a speculation.
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