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Forwell Group and Forwell Lion’s Club Held Love You Christmas Festival, Sending Love to People in Er-Lin

Written by Chen, Renyi (陳仁義) on Dec 19, 2020

Changhua County Forwell Lion’s Club and Forwell Group held an event named “2020 Joy Loves You Christmas Festival”in Er-Lin Xi-le Nursery School (二林喜樂保育). President Hsiao is also the former director of International Lion’s club 300-C3, who work together with Chairman Shen, Tienshui (沈添水) to lead fifty members of the Lion’s club to sponsor 11 food booths in the Er-Lin Xi-le Nursery School (二林喜樂保育). They played the character Santa Claus and shared love and happiness with teachers and students there, delivering bliss.

Founder of Forwell Lion’s club Mr Hsiao, Wenlong (蕭文龍) stated that since the debut of the club, they participated in social welfare activities, such as national calligraphy contest, green mountain cleaning activity, and the blood donation activities that has been held for over a hundred times for the past one year. They also promoted international etiquette events in elementary schools, and offers steak meals to school teachers and students. This time they led members of Lion’s club to the Xi-le Nursery School (二林喜樂保育) to participate in the singing contest. It is expected that with these efforts they can bring the maximum encouragement to the students (喜樂憨兒) there. Moreover, as the role playing of Santa Claus, people are with energy and confidence, walking on the red carpet. While they were walking, the Chinese version of the song “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way…”and the circumstances are full of happiness.

During the activity, people sang a song conducted by Liang, Xiongyi (喜樂憨兒梁兄以) named Pray for Everything. With serious cerebral palsy condition, he recognizes this event as very important and he practiced a lot in his daily routines, though his articulation may not clear but he managed all his strength to sing the beauty of life. Another participant, Ah Chen (阿甄), though with poor eyesight, was with very good sense of rhythm when she was praising Jesus. She integrated herself with the rhythm into the hymns. Every participant did their best and was approved by the judges with the highest honors.

During the activity, the lunch was catered by Forwell Lion’s club, including sushi, noodle paste, dumplings, Taro Kueh, Grilled Sausage, Roasted Suckling Pig, Chicken Nuggets, Potato Cakes, Flower Balls, Sesame Oil Chicken Soup, Cupcakes, Macaron, Tremella Soup, and Banana as their Christmas feast. They are served by the members of the Lion’s club. Wheelchairs were pulled to each booth and they fed those students. The situation was full of warmth and loveliness.

President Zhuang, Xiaosheng (莊孝盛) of Ma Xi Le Social Welfare Foundation (瑪喜樂社會福利基金會) said that Christmas is the festival that is full of hope, warmth, and love, and they appreciate the planning of Forwell lion’s club as well as the food feast. He kept saying that all the members of the Lion’s club helped each other and are not absent on charity activities, and they care about the minority groups and served the Xi Le students (喜樂憨兒) with the spirit of lions, and they brought the bliss to both adults and children of Xi Le (喜樂).

Dean Lin, Yuchang (林玉嫦) also said that Forwell Lion’s club realized good memory of Christmas for the people of Xi Le Man Fei Tian She (喜樂慢飛天使), and they brought joy in this festival and accompanied and served in this event, delivering the endless love of Lion’s club.