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Forwell Is Ready for Smart Manufacturing and Promotes Its Smart Forming Module.

Written by Dai Cheng (戴辰), Economic Daily News, December 2, 2021

President Hsiao of Forwell Group said that many investment projects of Taiwan’s companies are based on private company’s expansion plans which are planned in advance of future blooming. Now many Taiwan companies who were in China now moving back, together with the new investment projects contributed by foreign companies, it is anticipated that things like a supply chain shut down might not happen again and the supply of raw materials may back to normal. Yet, the need for internal rearrangement is still needed because many companies need to improve their productivity in order to keep up with the global pace of competition.

President Hsiao said that in the field of automotive parts, smart production can achieve efficient production, cost reduction, quality improvement, reduced inventory, and instant modification of production modes. These efforts help corporate improve their competition and achieve targeted quality and quantity volumes. All these endeavors meet the goals of smart manufacturing and industrial upgrading. Now, as the lockdown of many countries is gradually put aside, the world economy is going to be recovered and the plastics and rubber forming markets would receive benefits from the growth of the global automotive industry like multiplied.

President Hsiao said that Forwell Group has been preparing for the recovery of the world economy enthusiastically and is also working hard in the development of mold and die management systems as well as plant systems. And now Forwell Group integrates its production resources by moving the Ningbo plant (寧波廠) to Huai’an plant (淮安廠) which covers around 60000 square meters. To keep its services for injection molding machines, Ningbo plant keeps the operation department and establishes a warehouse in order to approach the real-time market demands. After the two plants are merged into one, working processes and corporate resources such as technology, production modules, working content, can help each other. These efforts help further cultivation in the Chinese market. Huai’an plant is planned to be a demonstration of smart mold management system, and it is expected that there will be more trial productions for samples in order to demonstrate the idea of smart forming.