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Forwell Helps Industry Advancement by Its QDCS/ QMCS Development

Written by Chen, Ren Yi

PThe idea of Industry 4.0 is now the ongoing trend in the world industry. It will not be hindered by the spread of COVID-19, not trade wars. This idea is now booming in many industries and improves corresponding productivity, quality advancement, cost consumption, delivery rates, real-time monitoring, big data feedback, direct process visualization, etc. With the realization of Industry 4.0, manufacturers in the manufacturing sectors are able to make their niche market with powerful competitiveness.

President Hsiao of Forwell is also the director of TAMI, who said that Taiwan’s metal forming machinery suppliers, while they also have their branches in China, have adopt smart manufacturing technology in the mainland China by the wide application of IOT. This even includes the remote surveillance system for their external supply chains, thus they have established an integrated ecology of smart manufacturing. Their production lines contain onsite surveillance of forming machines in the manufacturing sites, which are connected with education program, occupational safety project, manufacturing facility, procedure management, and after-sales services via the IOT technology. With the visualized management system, their Taiwan headquarters will follow the steps to accelerate the visualized management in Taiwan.

President Hsiao suggested that, in order to improve a production line for further automation project, it has to meet the basic requirements, such as being reasonable and standardization regarding the processing procedures, so that when the day of big data comes, suppliers are able to cope with it rather than being filtered by the trend of the era.

President Hsiao said that many Taiwanese-based factories build their new factories or expand their existing ones based on the premises of business scale expansion projects as they are preparing for the upcoming recovery economy. However, for this goal to be achieved, it also requires internal management and the like in order to increase the overall working efficiency so that they can match to the demands from the global market. For instance in the sector of automotive components and parts, if one adopts smart production model, it is possible to increase the productivity, reduce the cost, improve the quality, diminish the storage cost, and response to the real time competition in the markets. Meanwhile, they can advance their quality as well as quantity and make the entire production model fit into smart manufacturing model so the productivity would be advanced significantly.

President claimed that “All the technology comes from machinery”, because machinery is the basis for industry, and it is also an everlasting industry. In fact, now the machinery is developing towards the trends that work with different industrial sectors and walk towards the goal of Industry 4.0. In the future, each industrial sector will integrate with their big data technology together with the IOT, and this trend also applies to the machinery sector. President Hsiao also said that in the future each industrial sector will integrate with their big data technology together with the IOT, and this trend also applies to the machinery sector. Machinery sector shall keep its pace in smart manufacturing; they shall also develop IOT and work with the defense industry. For instance, suppliers of panels need to integrate big data, IOT, and machinery suppliers with smart technology. With the strength from different industrial sectors, people can have all they need for their manufacturing plans, including the data and transmission mechanism from telecommunications. This kind of integrations from different sectors will become popular and common so that the eventual goal of smart manufacturing can be achieved.

Forwell Group is the leading brand in smart QDCS and QMCS in both Taiwan and China, and now it is developing the smart mold and die management system and will build a demonstration factory in the Huai’an Plant. When it is finished, that plant can demonstrate sample production for rubber and plastics items as well as metal parts for the automotive industry. This production line will well demonstrate the idea of smart forming in the production lines.