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Forwell's Intelligent Mold and Die Administration Facility Increases Productivity


The electric car market is now booming, and this triggers the development of rubber and plastics forming industries. Director Hsiao, Wen-long of TAMI who is also the president of Forwell group, said that, with the end of lockdown in many nations come to the end, the future of the rubber and plastics forming industry is anticipated as well based on the recovery of the car industry,

Now, as President Hsiao of Forwell says, the domestic mechanical market starts to boom in Taiwan as well as the orders coming from the markets abroad. The upcoming recovery of the market is in the near future. Electric car in Mainland China is ready to boom and suppliers of tier one and tier two, and other related suppliers are seeking machinery facilities with more advanced functionalities. The best way to improve corporate competitiveness is to purchase better types of machinery at reasonable prices.

Nowadays some metal parts of cars are replaced by dual-color injection plastic parts because the latter are good at strength, hardness, appearance, and color conditions, with of course better price and weight nature. Therefore, those applications are accepted in some inner parts such as the dashboards. The application is also in the 3C sector.

Due to the advancement of the FRP technology, fiber reinforced plastics, the application of this material in dual and multiple colors are wider and this leads to the replacement of the existing materials in many fields. Plus the vacuum plating surface quality, the FRP is competitive in appearance, colorfulness, and recyclability. The FRP will be widely applied in automotive parts, 3C components, and many other sectors.

President Hsiao said that, regarding Mainland China, among the many industrial nations, has introduced the idea of Industry 4.0 and offers a variety of smart manufacturing solutions due to the profound development of domestic automotive industry and the incubation of modern internet technology as well as the intention to accelerate the development of automotive market.

To meet the requirements of automotive manufacturers using injection molding to produce their products encounter orders with low quantity but high variety, so that the utilization of molds and dies is very frequent. Only by mold/ die management can they become productive. Moreover, Forwell Group will keep its pace in the development of smart mold and die management system for plant planning.