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Forwell Double Clamping Device Awarded with Patent Registration


Forwell helps customers with its innovative design that achieves industrial upgrading. Now all the products made by Forwell are developed based on the idea of carbon neutrality.
Forwell, a leading brand of smart mold and die changing, works on smart device development in current years. The newly developed “Double Clamping Device” is currently awarded with innovation patent. Forwell delves into the development of critical components and parts for many years and with their great efforts, industrial upgrading is achieved by many of their customers. At the mean time, Forwell also aims at the goal of carbon neutrality as its product materials are of green materials. President Hsiao pointed out that Forwell’s double clamping clamping device is just one part of the quick die and mold changing device, but with this innovation, clamping speed is improved significantly and mold & die changing mechanism becomes smoother.

President Hsiao said that in the past, clamping device is activated by single activation to clamp the die, while now their double clamping device offers pneumatic and hydraulic power for both clamping and un-clamping jobs that provide advanced die changing efficiency. These devices can be customized for customers so that the productivity could be improved significantly.

The quick mold and die change system the Forwell develops includes three main systems, a mold and die transmission system (automatic mold and die change cart), an automatic mold and die warehousing system, and a mold and die repairing the system. In order to meet the goal of sustainable low emissions, the company is now working on the development of a smart low emission facility and related components. Forwell dedicates to developing the industrial environment that realizes carbon tax credit. In the future, all Forwell products are designed with a carbon reduction concept to realize the goal of being carbon neutral.

President Hsiao also emphasized that, based on the ITRI studies on the comparison of manual and automatic modes, it is found that automation is able to reduce half of the carbon consumptions, making recycling and power saving much more improved. This can reduce carbon footprint and reduce high carbon tax in the future which may reduce competitiveness. All these correlated issues are chained together and affect each other.