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Forwell's smart molding production line implements the goal of carbon neutrality

Written by Chen, Wang Mujie

The global epidemic is slowing down, and Taiwan finally opened its borders after two years. Xiao Wenlong, executive director of the Taiwan Machinery Association and president of FORWELL Group, said that although the epidemic situation seems to be stable, the machinery industry is facing an imbalance between profit and cost, and it is trapped in orders. It's a dilemma. According to research by the Industrial Technology Research Institute, compared with traditional manufacturing, the carbon emissions generated by automated production lines are only half. Therefore, the promotion of "smart manufacturing" not only effectively improves output and quality, but also has a very high long-term goal of "carbon neutrality". importance. Xiao Wenlong said that after this wave of epidemics, the industry has become more certain about the development trend of "smart manufacturing". Through "smart production", it can meet the needs of improving production efficiency, reducing costs, improving quality, reducing inventory and timely corresponding production to boost the market. Competitive needs, while improving the quality and quantity of production, in line with the trend of intelligent production and the purpose of industrial upgrading. In order to develop low-carbon equipment that meets the goal of "carbon neutrality", Fuwei Group has started to plan and invest in the research and development of low-carbon emission intelligent equipment, and is aiming to create a production environment that realizes the carbon tax credit standard. In the future, the entire group will The series of products will be developed and designed to meet the demands of energy saving and carbon reduction to ensure that all products meet the "carbon neutral" environmental protection goal.