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Fuwei Technology Research and development of low-carbon emission intelligent production equipment

Written by Chen, Wang Mujie

After being impacted by the epidemic, the Ukrainian-Russian war and exchange rate fluctuations this year, the upgrading of production lines has become an urgent problem to be solved. Xiao Wenlong, executive director of the Taiwan Machinery Association and president of FORWELL Group, said that automated production is not only the main axis of the future, but also in carbon neutrality, Corporate ESG is also one of the best solutions.

Xiao Wenlong explained that while the industry is stabilizing, the world needs to face the impact of "carbon tax" at the same time. According to the research of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, compared with the traditional manufacturing industry that relies on manpower, the carbon emissions generated by automated production lines are only half Therefore, the promotion of "smart manufacturing" is not only effective in improving output and quality, but also of great importance to the long-term goal of "carbon neutrality".

Over the years, Fuwei has invested a lot of resources in the development of "smart mold management system", which integrates the needs of metal processing and molding and rubber and plastic injection molding industries for quick mold change operations, from machine automation quick mold change systems, mold automatic transportation to mold automatic storage and mold automation. The maintenance system enables automatic mold replacement, transportation, transportation, access, storage, and maintenance to achieve a one-stop "intelligent" operation.

Xiao Wenlong said that in order to implement ESG, Fuwei is conducting a "carbon inventory", but it still needs the government to provide detailed carbon emission standard data. Only with data can we formulate a carbon reduction plan, and has started to develop low-carbon "smart production equipment" ", and re-examine and update the old designs. In the future, the entire series will be developed and designed based on "carbon neutrality".

In response to the development of the Metaverse in the future, Fu Wei currently plans to upgrade the website with the concept of the Metaverse, and after the structure of the Metaverse is complete in the future, the website will be directly linked to the Metaverse. The upgraded website will be able to provide more services and also It is easier to understand Fuwei's philosophy and technical advantages in the automation industry.