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Xiao Wenlong of Fuwei Group was awarded the Excellent Director and Supervisor of Industrial and Mining Groups for his dedication and dedication

Written by Chen, Wang Mujie

Xiao Wenlong, executive director of the Machinery Industry Association (Machinery Association) and president of FORWELL Group, has been adhering to the spirit of dedication and dedication in the Machinery Association for many years. The 76th "Excellent Director and Supervisor of Industrial and Mining Groups" was awarded by the Federation of Industries (Federation), demonstrating its long-term commitment to conference affairs and social welfare.
The 76th Industrial Festival Celebration Conference held by the Federation of Industry and Commerce was grandly held at the Grand Hotel Taipei on November 11. The most watched event was the commendation of excellent directors and supervisors of various industrial associations. This time, the Machinery Association affirmed the standing director Xiao Wenlong as The association has devoted 26 years of enthusiasm and recommended him to participate in the selection of excellent directors and supervisors. After fierce selection, he was awarded the honor of "Excellent Director and Supervisor of Industrial and Mining Groups" in recognition of his long-term dedication to the promotion of the machinery association's affairs and his enthusiasm for social welfare.

Gathering centripetal force and being enthusiastic about conference affairs for 26 years Since 2009, Xiao Wenlong has successively served as the supervisor, director, and executive director of the 25th to 29th sessions of the Machinery Association. During this period, he enthusiastically participated in and actively assisted the directors of each session to promote various conference activities, making the association awarded by the Ministry of the Interior for years. "Excellent", "Excellent" performance groups and the "25th National Quality Award" have contributed a lot; since 2021, he has served as the chairman of the Changhua area service committee of the association, not only focusing on the opinions of members, but also organizing many visits to the Changhua area And give souvenirs to unite the solidarity of members. During the epidemic period, we will pay more attention to all member manufacturers, strengthen information exchange and assist them in obtaining various government relief counseling and subsidies, etc., and survive the cold winter of the epidemic with members.

From 2015 to 2021, Xiao Wenlong served as the chairman of the metal forming professional committee of the association. During this period, he vigorously assisted in handling the suggestions and opinions of the members of the special committee. In order to strengthen communication and immediately respond to manufacturers' voices, in 2018, 40 members from the Changhua area visited Fuwei Technology's Huaian new factory and provided subsidies to reduce the burden on manufacturers. They also visited member manufacturers for many times, such as Bai Plastic Enterprise, Dongpei Industry, Yongjin Machinery and Taichung Precision Machinery, etc. gathered centripetal force, and accompanied the chairman and supervisory team to visit Hon Hai Group Chairman Guo Taiming, Changhua County Mayor Wang Huimei, etc., actively promoted peer exchanges, shared and integrated members' opinions, and made suggestions to government units, and was awarded the Machinery Association The 28th "Model Supervisor Award".

Caring for the society and implementing corporate ESG
In addition to his active contribution to the Machinery Association, Xiao Wenlong also cares about the society, writes "giving back to the society" into the corporate DNA, and strives to implement Fuwei's corporate ESG. In the early years, Xiao Wenlong participated in the Zhanggong Lions Club, and set a record of collecting 18,000 bags of blood donation a year during his tenure as the president. He also initiated the activity of donating blood donation vehicles. After that, he founded Fuwei International Lions Club, devoted himself to social welfare, and held blood donation activities. , National Calligraphy Competition, Environmental Protection and Mountain Purification, Elementary School International Etiquette Publicity and Steak Meals, and a number of vulnerable relief activities. Among them, blood donation activities have reached more than 12,000 bags per year in recent years. The results are extraordinary, and it has a history of ten years.

Xiao Wenlong also participated in several social welfare groups, caring for education in rural areas, founded the Alumni Association of Qingshui Elementary School, Shetou Township, Changhua County, held many times international etiquette promotion and free hospitality and meal arrangement activities, Longan Forest Service Association, and fixed monthly sponsorship of 3,000 Yuan was used as a meal delivery service. At the same time, he adopted children from foreign families. During his tenure as the director of Family Fusion, he led the Changhua County Charity Group to donate to establish the Kinmen Fuyu Library, recruit money to establish the Taichung Family Fuyu Children’s Center, and raised funds and donations. Sponsored Changhua Lizhi Middle School's probationary education program, etc., actively participated in social welfare, and practiced the concept of "taking from the society and using it from the society".

Not only actively participating in the conference affairs in the Machinery Association, but also attaching importance to members' opinions, striving for members' rights and interests to enhance industrial competitiveness, and constantly improving the internal of the company, continuing to strive for foreign international trade, and actively participating in public welfare and various charitable activities. , in addition to personal donations, donate more than 1 million to 2 million yuan in the name of family members every year, as a special fund for social welfare services, benefiting social love and charitable deeds, which is admirable. It is true to be awarded the honor of "Excellent Supervisor of Industrial and Mining Groups" deserved.