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Home News Corporate Forwell Group is actively deploying the intelligent and fast mold change system market on both sides of the Taiwan Strait after the epidemic

Forwell Group is actively deploying the intelligent and fast mold change system market on both sides of the Taiwan Strait after the epidemic


Xiao Wenlong, executive director of the Taiwan Machinery Industry Association and president of Forwell Technology Group, said that due to factors such as the Ukrainian-Russian War, Sino-US trade frictions, and the new crown epidemic, the prices of raw materials in the global market have soared, the industrial supply chain is unbalanced, and the delivery date cannot be grasped. In order to solve the problem of supply chain imbalance, we are now actively promoting the "Made in America" policy to rebuild a stable industrial supply chain through the concept of short chain and shortened delivery time. This move will also affect Taiwanese businessmen to strengthen the "MIT" supply network. In the future The industrial supply chain will also be rebuilt, and the demand for production equipment will gradually expand.

He also pointed out that all countries will follow the example of the United States' "Made In USA" strategy to avoid the embarrassment of the economic downturn caused by the imbalance of the supply chain. At that time, the demand for setting up factories in various places will increase sharply, and the demand for production equipment will show a substantial growth. The reorganization of the global supply chain is urgent, but it is still in the initial stage of recovery after the long-term market recession caused by the epidemic and the Ukrainian-Russian War. It will take some time for the destocking to return to normal. Therefore, it is expected that the global The economic boom is still hard to see the dawn, and the opportunity for reversal will not appear until the second half of the year at the earliest. As for the mainland market, if there are no major changes such as the discovery of new viruses after the Lunar New Year, and the epidemic gradually becomes a pandemic, the market situation is expected to gradually return to normal after the end of the year.

Xiao Wenlong said that at this stage, it is still urgent to wait for problems such as inflation caused by the Ukrainian-Russian war and the supply chain reorganization of Sino-US trade frictions to be effectively resolved before the international economy can gradually recover. Among them, most manufacturers in Taiwan's machinery industry still use The mainland market is the main sales market. After the mainland market is expected to return to stable growth this year (2023), the demand for intelligent automation equipment is expected to accelerate. The serious shortage of manpower and the delay in the process have given the industry more comprehensive attention and thinking on the introduction of highly automated production lines or intelligent production. It has also prompted intelligent/automated production equipment to receive higher market attention during the epidemic. speed and demand growth.

The "Intelligent Mold Management System" pioneered by Forwell on both sides of the Taiwan Strait covers three major systems, including the mass-produced "Mold Conveyor System" (automatic mold change trolley system), "Mold Automatic Storage System" and "Mold Maintenance System", etc. The "Smart Mold Management System" can effectively assist metal forming and injection molding companies through professional planning to establish a one-stop "intelligent" management system for molds that is fast, efficient, safe, easy, and systematic.

A few days ago, Forwell Continental Huaian Factory has completed the expansion of the factory building, and the production capacity has been greatly increased. The current annual revenue scale is about 500 million yuan. In the future, it will continue to move towards the annual revenue target of 2.5 billion yuan. The developed mold storage system, automatic mold changing trolley system and other intelligent mold management system and whole plant equipment will be the biggest driving force for future revenue growth.