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Forwell’s Smart Mold and Die Management Promotes Three Systems


Nowadays, the pursuit of durability, lightweight design, and environmental friendliness has become the current trend in the development of automotive and machinery spare parts. Industry players strive to improve quality and reduce costs as their production goals. Currently, in addition to metal sheet components, many parts are gradually adopting composite materials that combine rubber, plastic, iron, aluminum, and other materials. These composite materials offer higher quality and precision, and the advancement of mold technology has further improved the quality. As a result, components that previously required multiple molds for production can now be completed with just one mold, simplifying the process and achieving higher mold precision.

President Hsiao Wen-long (蕭文龍) of Forwell Group, a leading manufacturer of intelligent quick die change systems, pointed out that in order to make workers in the automobiles and machinery industries easier to maintain and facilitate component replacement, many components are now produced in a modular manner. To achieve increased capacity and improved quality, the gradual implementation of "smart automation" in production lines has become an inevitable trend. Furthermore, in response to the "small-batch, diverse" production requirements driven by rapid product changes, the utilization and frequency of mold changeovers have been increasing. Efficient mold changing operations and mold management have become crucial elements in improving productivity and successfully transitioning towards intelligent manufacturing.

In addition, President Hsiao of Forwell also stated that industries such as global automotive components, automotive electronics, and consumer electronics (3C) have increasingly adopted the concept of "Industry 4.0" in their intelligent production systems. This approach effectively achieves economies of scale in production and demonstrates significant improvements in productivity and quality stability. However, in addition to upgrading and improving production equipment, adopting a mold production model to address product diversification and high-quality requirements has become a necessary condition for increasing production capacity volume.

President Hsiao further mentioned that in order to meet the efficient and safe mold and die changing requirements in intelligent automation processes, the adoption of intelligent rapid mold changing systems is necessary. For example, the use of exchange table systems for large mold changing operations in automotive sheet metal production is a type of automated clamping system within the intelligent rapid mold changing system. On the other hand, products in the automotive electronics and 3C industries often involve mass production with small molds, and they primarily utilize universal intelligent rapid mold changing systems for mold changing operation processes.

Forwell's pioneering "Smart Mold Management System" across the Taiwan Strait in both China and Taiwan encompasses three major systems, including the commercially available "Mold Conveying System" (Automatic Mold Cart System), "Mold Automatic Storage System," and the "Mold Maintenance System" that can be used for maintenance operations before storing molds. This "Intelligent Mold Management System" effectively assists metal forming and injection molding industries in establishing a comprehensive "smart automation" management system for mold & die rapidity, efficiency, safety, ease, and systematic operations through professional planning.

In response to the development trend of the automotive industry, Forwell Group will gradually increase the ratio of customized production equipment to meet market changes and demands, especially in the context of the automotive parts industry's "low volume, high variety" production mode.