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Forwell Intelligent Forming Production Takes Great Flexibility in Smart Manufacture

Written by Wang Mujie

"Carbon neutrality" is now a common global goal in the market. Based on this concept, the electric vehicle industry has become highly sought after, leading to the gradual transformation of the traditional automotive manufacturing sector. Hsiao Wen-lung, Executive Director of Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry and President of Forwell Group, emphasizes that in order to enhance industry resilience and keep pace with global trends, "Smart Manufacturing" is becoming an imperative.

President Hsiao explains that, the electric vehicle industry is experiencing a rapid development now, leading to a significant increase in the pace of replacement for automotive parts and components. Consequently, the order situation in the manufacturing industry has undergone a significant transformation. In the past, orders were characterized by a focus on single, large quantities. However, the current market trend is shifting towards small quantities and greater diversity. In order to compete for orders effectively, having a highly flexible and automated production line is crucial. The "Smart Mold Management System" of Forwell proves to be the most powerful tool in racing against time in this context.

Forwell has invested significant resources over the years in developing the "Smart Mold Management System," which integrates the rapid mold-changing requirements of metal processing as well as plastic injection molding industries. This innovative system has drastically reduced the mold-changing time from the previous 4 hours to as fast as 3 minutes. It encompasses a range of automated features, starting from the machine's automatic and fast mold-changing system to the automatic mold conveying, storage, and maintenance systems. The "Smart Mold & Die Management System" enables seamless and automated processes for mold changing, conveying, transportation, access, storage, and maintenance, making it an all-encompassing and intelligent solution.

President Mr. Hsiao Wen-lung pointed out that to fulfill ESG commitments and achieve the goal of "net-zero carbon emissions," Forwell is actively engaged in the development of new products. One of their recent innovations is the TMX self-propelled mold clamping system, which utilizes electric motors to reduce the overall equipment length. This product gained considerable attention during the Taipei International Machine Tool Show this year. Moreover, Forwell plans to introduce new products annually and upgrade existing ones to move steadily towards the ultimate objective of "carbon neutrality." Additionally, Forwell is embarking on a journey towards the idea of Metaverse. The company is currently planning to upgrade its website using Metaverse concepts. Once the Metaverse structure is complete, the website will be directly linked to the Metaverse, providing a more diverse range of services. It will also offer a clearer understanding of Forwell's ideologies and technological advantages in the automation industry.