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Forwell Developed ESG Protocol for Smart Mold & die Management System

Written by Chen, Ren-yi

FORWELL Group, a leading manufacturer in the field of smart manufacturing and rapid mold change systems, is dedicated to advancing the development of intelligent equipment to assist the manufacturing industry in achieving the goal of "smart manufacturing." FORWELL continuously innovates and improves key components, such as the "double-acting clamp," which has been granted invention patents. This innovative clamp allows businesses to break away from traditional thinking and adopt a new mindset for innovative design of mold clamping equipment, further promoting industrial upgrades. Additionally, in line with the global ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) sustainability trend towards low carbon emissions, FORWELL is committed to achieving carbon neutrality in its products and environmental practices.

Hsiao Wen-long (蕭文龍), the President of FORWELL Group and Executive Director of the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), emphasized that in response to the global trend towards carbon neutrality and environmental sustainability, pursuing low carbon emissions has become crucial. Smart manufacturing will play a significant role in achieving these goals. By implementing smart manufacturing systems, not only can productivity be greatly enhanced and dependence on manual labor reduced, but according to research conducted by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), automation production can effectively reduce carbon emissions by half compared to manual production. This includes efficient utilization and recycling of energy, energy conservation, and environmental protection, resulting in a significant improvement in carbon emissions and a reduction in carbon footprint. Embracing smart manufacturing can also help avoid potential burdens of high carbon taxes in the future and prevent challenges that may arise from decreased market competitiveness.

President Hsiao also mentioned that the international trend towards carbon neutrality will shape the future business development strategies across various industries. This trend will lead to supply chain restructuring and the redesigning of market landscapes, impacting all stages of the value chain, from upstream raw materials to end users. The interconnectedness of these stages will have a significant influence on the industry as a whole.

FORWELL Group actively develops smart manufacturing equipment with its advanced intelligent mold management system, including the "Mold Conveying System" (automatic mold transfer system), "Mold Automated Storage System," and "Mold Maintenance System." These systems aim to create environmentally friendly and sustainable low-carbon equipment. The company has already begun planning and investing in the research and development of low-carbon intelligent equipment and related components. They are committed to designing updated solutions that meet carbon reduction standards and creating a production environment that qualifies for carbon tax credits. Additionally, the entire product range is developed and designed to meet the demands of energy-saving and carbon reduction, ensuring compliance with ESG sustainability standards.

In addition, FORWELL Group has made strategic preparations to embrace the post-pandemic economic recovery. With the aim of integrating the group's production resources, the production department of the Ningbo factory in mainland China has recently been merged into the larger Huai'an factory, which covers an area of 59,504.4 square meters. The Ningbo factory, in response to the service demands of the injection molding machine market, has retained its sales department and established a shipping warehouse to provide comprehensive services in close proximity to the market. The merger of these two factories enables the mutual integration of technological, production, and operational resources, further enhancing the company's market layout in mainland China. Additionally, preparations have begun for the construction of a demonstration factory for the "Intelligent Mold Management System" at the Huai'an factory. The factory will engage in sample production, demonstrating the capabilities of the smart molding production line in a more comprehensive manner.