Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps

The hydraulic pumps used to pressurize Forwell’s quick mold and quick die change clamps are all air driven to ensure stable and energy-efficient clamping. Air driven hydraulic pumps have the advantage that they do not release heat from relief valves, they are much safer, and even the most powerful pumps can be designed very compactly. With a multitude of different pumps available, Forwell can be sure to match the perfect pump with a suitable die and mold change system to offer fast, easy, and efficient die and mold changing.

Moreover these die and mold change systems can be coupled with an automated cart system which automatically changes dies and molds without any operator involvement. These die and mold cart systems operate on rails and use specialized hydraulic pumps to power arm movement for automated die and mold removal. In short Forwell utilizes very high performance hydraulic pumps for secure die and mold clamping as well as part of their energy-efficient automated die and mold handling solutions.