Automated Hydraulic Pumps for Quick Die Changing

Manufacturing industries are becoming increasingly more competitive and as such manufacturers are looking for every way to get ahead, including fully automated die changing operations using hydraulic pumps. Forwell specializes in the design and manufacture of quick die change systems that drastically decrease die change time, increase productivity, and improve the working environment. By using very modern hydraulic pumps that supply pressure to the quick die change clamps, secure die clamping is ensured as well as fast die exchange.

Forwell’s quick die change systems can also be coupled with an advanced die cart system, which uses a cart on rails system to automatically change dies. This system then automatically controls the hydraulic pumps for fully automated and accurate die changing. The mold cart system can be custom designed by us to service not just 1 press machine but multiple press machines with one system. By installing Forwell’s high quality hydraulic pumps with your automated die changing equipment, easy operation, safety, and maximum efficiency are ensured at all times.